Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fixed-Blade Knife/Saw

Not every knife manufacturer gets it the way SOG does. I mean, there are so many knives on the market that look fantastic, but in a survival situation the last thing you need is an empty promise delivered by a pretty face that just can't do the job. We get enough of that in politics.

SOG gets the job done. The company started building knives in the spirit of the Special Forces of the VietNam era — hence the name SOG (go ahead, look it up, the history lesson will be fun). From the beginning, quality and function took precedence over looking pretty. But to a true outdoor enthusiast, there is nothing prettier than superior function.

One of SOGs recent innovations is the Fusion Revolver - SEAL, and I have to admit that this puppy has won my heart. What I want in a survival knife is something hefty enough to do the dirty jobs without whimpering. That means a blade with plain and serrated edges for cutting and slicing, and a spine that is hefty enough to allow me to beat on it when splitting kindling. But the Fusion Revolver takes it one step farther with the addition of a powerful double-tooth saw that allows clean and effortless cutting of branches as thick as my forearm for building shelters or other camp projects.

This is not a folding knife in the traditional sense, but at the same time it is a totally folding knife. The survival saw and knife blade are on opposite ends of a single length of 440A stainless steel that pivots to allow the blades to revolve through the handle to deliver whichever one you need. A positive lock in the hand grip prevents the blade from moving until you are ready to change to the other blade. Then it takes just a couple of seconds to swap from knife to saw and back again. Nothing could be easier.

Overall length is 10 inches, with each blade measuring 4.75 inches. Total weight is 6 ounces. Retail price is $40. Check it out at

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