Friday, January 20, 2012

The Ultimate Survival Manual

My latest book, The Ultimate Survival Manual, is about to roll off the press and is already in worldwide marketing. Because of the massive global marketing effort of publishing giant Weldon Owen, this book is going to be enormously popular. And I recommend that if you want one without the delay of having to wait for a second or third printing you should pre-order it today.

The release date is May 15th, perfect timing to give as a Father's Day gift. It's on Amazon, and you can find it by using this link:

This 256-page manual is heavily illustrated and is subdivided into three major sections — Wilderness, Urban, and Disaster.  It delivers advice for advance preparation and in-the-moment techniques to help you survive everything from a bear attack to a tsunami to a carjacking to a hostage situation. These are the skills that will get you out alive.

Weldon Owen publishes extremely high quality books. This one not only has a perfect blend of survival information and lavish illustrations, but is packaged so nicely that it will make a fantastic gift.

This book is a perfect companion to my other book, Rich Johnson's Guide To Wilderness Survival, also available on Amazon.

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  1. Everything I needed to know about surviving I learned through five marriages, hahahaha