Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Escape Story

Like something right out of the movies, a 24-year-old Chicago man was carjacked, shot three times in the chest, then dumped into the trunk of his own car while the carjackers drove around town.

What are the chances of getting out alive from a situation like that? Well, apparently, pretty good. The victim managed to escape from the trunk and sought help. He was taken to the hospital in serious condition. His car didn't fare so well — it was later found abandoned and on fire.

If you ever find yourself trapped in the trunk of a car, here are some options to help you escape:

  • Look for a glow-in-the-dark T-handle emergency trunk release to pop open the lid. 
  • Or look for the trunk release cable that runs from the driver's compartment back to the trunk latch and tug the cable toward the front of the car to unlock the latch.
  • Search around for tools that can help you pry open the latch — a screwdriver, a tire iron, etc.
  • Try using the vehicle jack to pry up one corner of the trunk lid so you can catch the attention of other drivers. 
  • Cut or tear loose the wiring that leads to the brake lights, so the police will notice something is amiss with the vehicle and pull it over. 
  • If you're abandoned in the trunk, kick through the back seat and crawl into the passenger compartment. 

1 comment:

  1. The trunk light is generally operated by a mercury switch.

    If you have a pocket knife use it to cut out a piece of tail light wire and use it to go around the switch, sometimes you can just bend the light down to make it turn on.

    It always helps to have a little light.

    Most modern rigs have electric fuel pumps in the gas tank and it's often under the trunk, if you can find that wire and cut it that car isn't going any further.

    And many have a special inertia switch in that area to shut off the fuel pump in case of an accident, with a reset button on it, find it, often just under a removable panel and cut the wire, dead car is an instant result.