Friday, April 16, 2010

Code Name: Viper

My new novel, Code Name: Viper, is available on in the Kindle Book format. To find the book, go to the Kindle Books section and type Rich Johnson in the Search bar at the top of the page. 

Here's a peek inside the story: 

A deadly betrayal is exposed in the secret war journal of John Blake, and America is at risk …

Roland Gates, Deputy Director of the black-ops National Intelligence Agency has a secret he will kill to protect — dark deeds from the days when his NIA code name was Viper during the Soviet/Afghan war and he covertly ran a cartel dealing in guns-for-drugs with a young Islamic warrior named bin Laden. Viper’s high-risk business led to the grisly murder of fellow agent Clive Mabrey — but it was not just a murder, it was an evisceration.

Only one man left alive knows Gates’ dark side and ugly past — former CIA operative John Blake. Unable to murder Blake, Gates had him slammed in away in the insanity ward of Leavenworth to discredit anything he might say.

But Blake managed to smuggle his war journal to Mark Benton, a trusted man at NIA. Suddenly, all hell breaks loose and the chase is on in a run-for-your-life escape and evasion that leads from Washington D.C. to the swamps of Louisiana, then across the Gulf of Mexico to the sacred and uninhabited Mayan island of Xulakan. There, the final showdown between Gates and Benton explodes in a fireball that nearly buried the truth in the depths of the sea.

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