Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rescue Tool

On November 4th, I posted information about how to survive a submerged vehicle incident. Today I found a new product that is ideal for helping to survive that kind of situation. It's the SL6 Rescue, made by Tool Logic (

The SL6 Rescue is a multi-function folding knife with a razor sharp 3-inch 50/50 blade (half serrated and half regular) with a seatbelt cutting hook, all of which can be opened and operated single-handedly with either hand. So if the seatbelt won't release, due to the accident, this will swiftly cut the webbing and free the victim. The unit also features a waterproof LED flashlight designed to shine directly on whatever is being cut by the knife. Also part of the system is an emergency window punch that will break the glass so you can escape from the submerged vehicle. Integral to the knife handle is a loud signal whistle. A stainless steel belt clip and a lanyard hole are built into the knife handle. All this comes in a package that weighs only 3 ounces and retails for $39.95 making this a very affordable and functional survival tool that is ideal for carrying in your vehicle.

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