Monday, March 11, 2013

North Korean Threat

There is never a shortage of rogue nations trying to find ways to flex their muscles. And North Korea is just one among several that wants to bask in the light of media attention.

The leadership of that pitiable country has a tradition of shouting threats against the United States as a means of garnering what they believe is a place on the world stage. When they might spend their energy and treasure on finding ways to feed their own people, they divert those efforts to methods of threatening others. It's a country that exists in a vacuum of honest leadership, being ruled instead by mad men who evidently pass the insanity gene down through generations of despots.

Nevertheless, like going to the zoo and watching the behavior of uncivilized creatures that beat their chests to attract attention, it is interesting to analyze the threats bellowed by similarly uncivilized North Korean dictators. So I include the following link to a recent analysis written by Van Hipp, Chairman of American Defense International, Inc, and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army.

I am especially intrigued by the paragraph in the article attributed to Dr. Vincent Pry from the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum, stating that the organization "has recently made a convincing case that North Korea possesses an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) nuclear warhead which would have the ability to take out a national power grid and destroy critical infrastructures throughout the U.S."

Study the material in the link, then ask yourself if you're prepared to survive the outcome of North Korean insanity unleashed on the western world. Hipp concludes, "The North Korean threat is real, it's here and it's not getting better."

My advice — start evaluating your alternatives for life without electrical power.

We'll talk more about this later.

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  1. I think that's their idea of politics.

    Hey, those fire starting blocks with the flint bar along the one side, I just discovered that you get a better batch of sparks if you strike it against a piece of English flint.