Friday, August 26, 2011

Tarp For The Tent

Let's keep going on the earlier post about having a good tent. No matter how tough the tent floor is, a rugged plastic ground cloth (tarp) will help extend its life and keep the floor from damage and soiling.

Carry a second tarp and some rope so you can rig up a roof for the camp kitchen or dining area.
  • String the rope tightly between two trees, about as high as you can reach. 
  • Drape the tarp over the rope forming the a ridgeline.
  • Use rope to secure the corners to other trees, keeping the “eves” lower than the ridge for drainage.
If there are no grommets along the edges of the tarp, tuck a small pebble into the material and fold it over. Then loop a simple overhand knot over the tucked pebble and cinch the line tight. That creates a grip point so you can "guy" the lines out to keep the tarp taut. 

If you have no tent at all, a tarp (or even a piece of lightweight plastic sheeting) can be rigged up to provide good shelter. 

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