Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Terrorism Ramps Up

Today's bit of news out of Homeland Security is that the enemy is trying to ramp up the use of IED (improvised explosive devices) in the United States. Yes, it's true — IEDs are not only roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan; they're also used by guys like the infamous attempted shoebomber, the attempted underwear bomber, the Times Square bomber, etc. Any type of improvised explosive device  qualifies.

But the news that the enemy is accelerating attempts to bring that kind of terrorism to our country is what will probably surprise many folks. It shouldn't. Terrorists, by their very definition, try to create terror among their target population. Any way they can do that is part of their playbook. Naturally, they will try to target places where significant numbers of people can be affected. Buildings, sporting events, entertainment events, transportation hubs, stuff like that.

So what can you do about this threat?
  • If you see something that seems strange, report it to authorities
  • Report packages that are left alone
  • Report people sneaking around looking over their shoulders as if they're up to something
Being alert is the best we can do, but at the same time we don't want to allow the way we have to live in this day of terrorism to totally alter our ability to enjoy life. If that happens, the terrorists have already won. Their intent is to disrupt our way of life by causing us to be afraid to live normally. So, as much as possible, we need to continue to live normally — if for no other reason than to prove to the enemy that they can't beat us. 

This is the best country that has ever existed, producing more good throughout the world than any other nation ever has, being more charitable than all the rest put together. An honest and open-minded look at the record proves that there is no reason for us to hang our heads, feel guilty, or apologize to anyone. Yes, there will always be detractors, apologists, whiners, and folks so laden with personal guilt that they would love to suck all the rest of us into their pity-party. Let them whine alone. Don't become involved in that losing lifestyle. Be proud to be Americans, hold your head up, bow to no one. And then go out into the world and do as much good as you possibly can, to prove the kind of people we are. 

That, more than anything, will terrorize the terrorists. When they see that we cannot be beaten, it will discourage them. Let them be discouraged. Let them be depressed. 

As terror threats ramp up, be vigilant and report unusual behavior or situations. That's the best you can do. Then go about enjoying life and doing good to everyone you meet. That, is our best weapon against terrorism. 

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