Friday, March 12, 2010

Predators 1 vs Human 0

Alaska school teacher, 32-year-old Candice Berner was, by all reports, in good physical condition. Although she stood less than 5 feet tall, she was a boxer, a gymnast, and a distance runner.

Yesterday, while she was out for a run along a road near the small village of Chignik Bay on the Alaska Peninsula, something horrible happened.

When authorities found her body, she had been dragged off the road to a spot near the village lagoon. In the snow were imprints of wolf tracks. Alaska State Trooper Colonel Audie Holloway reported that, from the number of tracks around the body, there could possibly have been as many as 4 wolves involved.

I refer you back to my post of February 25, 2010 as a review of how to handle a confrontation with wolves. My condolences to the family of Candice Berner.

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