Friday, September 25, 2009

And so it Begins

I begin this blog with some reservation. By nature, I'm a private person who believes that a certain amount of anonymity is important to survival in perilous times. And these are definitely perilous times, when the world has lost its moral compass and integrity is almost impossible to find among those who lead nations. But it is exactly for those reasons that I decided to open this forum.

Please be aware that this is not a lunatic fringe forum. If you're one of those types, look elsewhere. The subject of personal survival is far too important to be swallowed up by doomsday mentality. The very word "survival" invokes a spirit of life, not death and destruction. So this will be a site for discussion about how to live, how to rise above turmoil, how to retain our morality, how to reach out and help each other through whatever chaos may envelope us.

Don't for a minute interpret the previous statement to imply that I'm a limp-wristed wimp with my head in the sand about the destructive elements that sometimes sweep into our lives. I was trained as a Special Forces soldier during the VietNam era. I've worked for a police deparment, in jail, surrounded by people who have done extremely bad things. I carry a firearm for personal protection and will not hesitate to use it if the situation rises to an appropriate level. I've trained in martial arts for the same purpose. I absolutely acknowledge the destruction … but I don't buy into the doom and gloom part. Doom and gloom are anathema to survival mentality. And because survival is at least 90% mental, we all need to keep our brains together, or we're not going to get out alive.

The goal of this forum is to spread valid information, not rumors or poorly thought out opinions. The intent is to share true life experiences of folks who have survived challenging wilderness or urban situations. So, if you've had a personal survival episode in life, whether it is wilderness or urban in nature, please feel free to share it here. I understand the tendency to embelish a story, but do us all a favor and tell your story without blowing things out of proportion.

And let's make this a place where we can get questions answered. Feel free to ask whatever you want, and we'll do our best to get you the correct information.

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